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Do parallel lines meet at infinity? Is it only the mathematics or a science? The Atharva Veda states, “Infinity can come out of infinity only and infinity is left over from infinity after operations on it”. However, parallel lines do not meet–it is an illusion or else a philosophy which precisely defines… nothing more, nothing less (Full stop)
My dear Greenland–a nearby park (rose-garden), I often visit you – coming to you just like that is immensely peaceful. It is one of the most relaxing visual senses where I use my eyes and mind to capture multi-exposure photos illuminated by introspective lights—no camera gear can make such photos. 

I look deep inside every inch of you, whether it is the tree, plant, grass, birds, squirrels, dogs, and even tiny ants and other insects, and what not!

I smell you, and feel you inside me. While I walk, I look on the faces of the people who all are regular visitors too – there is a pure contentment. 

I feel totally enchanted when I inhale your fragrance. You know, you will always be my love. — NKA
Rose Garden-A nearby park:

A vast green landscape– inhabited by trees, birds, lizards, squirrels and much more. Then there are people who visit every day. There are various yoga groups on the grassy patches of the land. They are looking for way to release all their worries and stretch out their cares they have up along the way. I slowly make my way on foot through greenery – the shade, the sun, this scenery evolves everyday…

Neelam Cinema, NIT Faridabad (Haryana):

The much celebrated an iconic building of Faridabad–a cinema hall, designed by a famous French architect Le Corbusier – no one knows, how longer it will survive. The cinema became operational in 1963 and to promote this cinema, the owner offered easy priced tickets including to and fro bus fare for Delhi-Faridabad, and even in 1968-69, he started ladies special noon time special show on every Tuesday. It was highly popular till 90s.
Today this single screen theatre is not in so good bad condition–still functional though and offering entertainment to labourers of nearby areas. The present owner, Rajkumar Chauhan persistent enough to run it, in spite of tough economy and each day depreciating condition of the building.
Mr G C Narang, in his 90s, running an industry in Faridabad Town and one of the story-tellers of Faridabad Industrial History.

Officials of Madhuban


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Transforming Lives

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Dr. Shailendra Atray, a Physiotherapist chose to remain in the public service with full faith in the system and technology here in India while his peers were leaving the country in droves.

Every time he says an instant and strict NO and questions the other person in return “Why”?

Interns, acquaintances, co-workers, patients and patient’s families asked him many times if he would like to go overseas or join corporate and private hospitals for better opportunities in his field.

But Dr. Shailendra Atray, M.P.T. (Neurology), MIAP (Physiotherapist) and a skill based specialist, distinguished himself by choosing to remain in the public service with full faith in the system and technology here in India while his peers were leaving in droves. He is serving the Government department of physiotherapy for almost 20 years now. He keeps performing in a commendable way even under extreme pressure situations and with limited resources. He has an aptitude for it.

Today “Physiotherapy” is widely accepted as the front line treatment in some cases and an effective branch of medicine. It is acknowledged and it is also acceptable to document in the patient’s medical notes. Physiotherapy includes specific exercises and other methods of treatment such as heat, cold, electrotherapy, therapeutic massage and use of electro-magnetic radio wave machines. Beyond these machines and technology, there is something always needed to uplift lives of many patients.

Dr. Shailendra Atray started practicing physiotherapy in Faridabad, Haryana in 1989 when patients were having little idea or no idea about it. First there was lack of awareness then there was always a doubt in patient’s mind regarding choosing physiotherapy over other clinical treatment.

That was the time when Ministry of Welfare Society realized the need of physiotherapy centre in the Faridabad city and recommended a project. But the local government hospital wasn’t equipped with the right staff, space and necessary initial equipment etc. District Red Cross Society came forward and decided to run this pilot project of Physiotherapy from the premises of B.K.Hospital Faridabad (govt. hospital) to outreach maximum patients and so that under-privilege can also be benefitted.  That’s how the first physiotherapy centre was being set up in Faridabad city and Dr.Shailendra Atray was appointed as a physiotherapist by the Red Cross Society.

There was a major lack of awareness about physiotherapy then. Initially only 3-5 cases were reported on every day basis. . Dr. Atrya initiated a chain of awareness campaigns with 5 other physiotherapist friends. In 1991, first physiotherapy awareness camp was organized at B.K.Hospital Faridabad Haryana, where 80-100 cases were examined on a single day. He and his friends created a formal body of Physiotherapy Association and rigorously organized and participated in various seminar, symposium and workshops.

First official post of a Physiotherapist was announced by the B.K.Hospital Faridabad in the year 2000 and then Dr.Atray also applied for that and slowly made a transition under the payroll of government hospital. Today almost 50 cases of physiotherapy are seen on every day basis at B.K.Hospital and Dr.Atray’s contribution to make it recognizable in Faridabad city is immeasurable.

He doesn’t deny the gap in financials/salaries between government hospital and the private sector. During his long career within the government set up, once for 2-3 years, he successfully tried his hands onto private practice and opened up three physiotherapy centre in Faridabad district. Later he decided to choose a government hospital only.

Health care in a government hospital is nominally free and such hospitals mainly serve the masses who can’t afford to attend private hospitals. More citizens are now receiving the much required treatment they were earlier deprived off.

He feels, “Any government health institution offers time folded studies in continuation, then various community based projects. Sometimes we do face issues because of finite resources then it doesn’t stop us from performing rather force us to use our skills and improvise. We continuously work in an experimental system where senior and experienced doctors are supportive in sharing learning and it is all about team work here. Circumstances and resources limitation shapes up our skills. And then skills become more powerful than machine and technology.”

He proudly adds “If we do not serve the people while working here and practicing on public funds, who will? Then how are the resources that are available with us be utilized?” Dr. Atray feels that government hospital environment has enabled him to treat a wide & varied caseload of patients with extreme conditions.

Dr. Atray said that the Government hospital provides biggest opportunity to run clinical trials but one has to do that under ethical practice. In terms of technology, facilities and system things are improvising every year as the time passes. Government hospitals are good from both the perspectives, i.e. patient and the doctor.

He adds up that internet has already opened up the wider scope of learning and exchanging information and knowledge. Our FDI policies are very clear and international companies are keen to come to India. Besides India has the best of technology. Latest machineries have already been launched in India. We need to check the utility. The true challenge for the physiotherapy lies in deciding what fits where.

Dr. Atray’s aim is largely directed towards creating better understanding and awareness among patients and peers. If empathizing with patient is important to deal with sensitive situations then he also talks about the right treatment with full conviction. “Over the years, significant changes have been seen both sides but a continuous effort still needed” adds Dr. Atray.

The Last Song of Awadh by Zarina Begum

Zarina Begum, 87, known to be the only living court singer (performer) of the Awadh, Lucknow and one of the most popular singers of 1950s and 1960s. She was in Delhi on 23rd May 2014 to perform. Manjari Chaturvedi, president of the Sufi Kathak Foundation, organized a “Sangeet Mehfil (concert)” what might be the last public performance of Zarina Begum at the IGNCA, New Delhi.

She received a big applause and standing ovation after her performance. She couldn’t control her tears and said that this moment will allow her to die in peace. She closed her eyes and bowed her head.

Last song of Awadh 2014

Last song of Awadh 2014

Last song of Awadh 2014

To read more about Zarina Begum:


@Open Magazine

The Saree Man

It is a special portrait of my special friend, “A Saree Man – Himanshu Verma”, who is an artist, performer, collector, curator, facilitator, creative programmer, educator, walk conductor and what not!!!

He does everything with full conviction, trust and respect and that’s what makes him special. I admire him and he is surely an inspiration for many.

The Saree Man

A glimpse of Saree Mahal:

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What all the Saree Man does can be found at below links

Red Earth

The Saree Festival

The Genda Phool Project

The 1100 Walks

Map for the Red Earth Studio/ Saree Mahal

The Exhibits

Dreaming of a Discoverer…..
Where thought-desire River has a body
A body full of passion and emotion 
A mind full of wildest imagination
The naturalness and nakedness of one’s solitude
A relationship between solitude and togetherness
A fundamental, essential truth
And a mystical journey of the soul
A journey to serenity!

Elemental_Navneet_tiff 1

This photo was a part of  ELEMENTAL,  a Group Photo Exhibition by Photosensitive Alumni. November 20-24, 2013 at Open Palm Court Gallery, IHC, New Delhi.

I made above photo during a dance performance of Scottish Dance Theatre/ UK, Choreographed by Liv Lorent on 30th Oct 2012 at  Kamani, Copernicus Marg. This performance was a part of 6th Delhi International Art Festival (DIAF 2012)


NKA_L (Navtej Johar)

This Photo was a part of SPANDAN 2014 – A World Dance Photography Group Exhibition. April 25-May 05, 2014

I photographed this second one on 3rd Nov.2011 during a dance performance named as “Mango Cherry Mix”,  a collaborative dance work choreographed and performed by Navtej Johar (India/USA) and Hiroshi Miyamoto (Japan/Canada). It is an interracial duet between two Asian men, who seek to explore their cultural selves—their differences and similarities—in the presence of a “familiar” other.


Photo was a part of SPANDAN 2014 – A World Dance Photography Group Exhibition. April 25-May 05, 2014 

Above Dance form is Kudiyattam, a Ballet based Jatayuvadham from Ramayana part of an event “Shastra-Utsava: Celebrating the Textuality of the Kalamulasastra” was performed on 28th November, 2013 at the IGNCA Auditorium, New Delhi. Character “Sita” being played by: Saritha Krishnakumar


 The Handloom Weaver was photographed in Old Manali Village, Himachal Pradesh, 2012.

The Handloom Weaver_NKA_72dpi_srgb

Above photo was a part of Confluence’14, 2nd Edition (International Art Contest – Exhibition) – Painting &  Drawings | Photography | Sculptures | Prints, organized by Galerie Art Eterne at Art Konsult, F 209, Old MB Road, Lado Sarai Village, New Delhi (India). April 25th – May 1st, 2014

Made for kids by kids, Allahabad (Maha Kumbh), 27th Jan 2013.

NKA (4)

This photo of a child was a part of CRY Click Rights Photography Exhibition 2014 at two different places:

1. 23rd – 24th July – DLF Place, Saket, New Delhi, (India);

2. 25th – 27th July – DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, (India)

My first Photo-book: On The Road

“ON THE ROAD to initiatives of change” is a photo-story book featuring 35 lives around Jamshedpur (in the state of Jharkhand, Bihar and Orissa), photographed by NAVNEET KAUR AHUJA, authored by Deepa Adhikari and project by the TATA STEEL CO.

Photo book was unveiled at SNTI Auditorium, Bistupur, Tatanagar on Tuesday, 16th June 2015.

Tata MD TV Narendran, Tata VP Sunil Bhaskaran, Padma shri awardee leading woman tribal leader Tulasi Munda and other Eminent Industrialists from the city, as well as State Representatives honored the event their their presence.



NKA book launch_dainik jagran

NKA book launch_4

NKA book launch_3


NKA book launch_dainik bhaskar

NKA book launch_Prabhat khabar

NKA book launch_The telegraph

Give me wings!!!

Give me wings that I may also fly….I already wore bright colors as yours, my skin glow, my eyes sparkle and filled with vibrant dreams, how could I wear your wings!!! Give me magical wings to fly high….